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The Board

The Board are a voluntary group of people who come together to ensure the Association meets the needs of Tenants, Owners and the Business.  The Board takes strategic, policy and major finance decisions affecting the Association. A team of professional staff are employed to advise the Board and carry out the day to day work of the Association on it's behalf. Board members all have a commitment to the work of the Association and freely give up their own time. There are at least 11 full meetings of the board each year. The Board meet monthly  and you can come and observe until you decide if you want to join.

Members of the Board


Date of Joining

Ian Johnstone Chair April 2014
Jim Weir Vice Chair April 2000
Eileen Graham Secretary April 1995
Beth Arthur Board Member July 2020
Saroj Bains Board Member October 2017
Lisa-Jane Dock Board Member July 2019
Michelle Hart Board Member July 2019
Sandra Loney  Board Member April 2002 
Mairi Maclean  Board Member August 2013
Karen McMillan Board Member September 2009
Drew Mason Board Member June 2021

There are 15 places on the The Board and they are elected from shareholding members. 

The range of skills, knowledge and experience on the Board ensures Paisly HA, as a business, is financially secure so it can deliver high quality services to our customers. Serving on the Board is entire voluntary and involvement is from a few hours a month to attend Board meetings and training events, etc.

Get Involved

If you wish to become a Board member we can provide training to help you feel more confident. Training is provided via the FLAIR Academy which offers nine training sessions covering different topics.


To become a member of the Association complete a Membership Form and pay £1 for lifetime membership. Membership entitles you to attend our AGM and become eligible for the Board.

Board Structure

The Board sets the ambition, strategic direction and policy of PHA, as well as safeguarding its assets.In addition two sub committees, made up of Board Members, cover the following areas of our work:


Deals with setting the Association’s budgets, income and expenditure and risk.


Human Resources

Deals with setting and agreeing HR policies

Our subsidiary, Paisley South Property Services (PSPS), provides a factoring service for 287 owners. 




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