Energy Advice

Are you struggling to pay your Gas and/or Electricity bills, do you have energy debt, are you looking to make sure you are not paying more then you need to.

Due to the volatile energy market at the moment there are no cheap tariffs for gas and electricity and the general advice is to remain with your current supplier. It is hoped that cheaper tariffs will start to become available again from July 2023.

Our Advice Team can help you:

  • Help you understand your bill.
  • Apply for charitable grants to help deal with energy debt or to get white goods.
  • Negotiate repayment arrangements for energy debt.
  • Deal with metering issues.
  • Help you set up your boiler programmer
  • Recommend, and in some cases provide, small energy saving measures.
  • Recommend changes in the way you use appliances to save money.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday, with late appointments on a Tuesday. To arrange an appointment, please email or contact any of our advice team

An example of the assistance we can provide can be found below:

A tenant was contacted our Advice Team because of energy debt. She had been advised that she owed her energy supplier around £140 but when she contacted them she found out she owed over £8,000. The tenant had cancer and other serious health conditions.

Our energy adviser managed to get the level of debt reduced and set up a payment arrangement with energy supplier. Our energy adviser then managed to apply for a grant that cleared the debt and provided tenant with a £200 credit. We also provided advice and assistance regarding disability benefits.

Tenant is now debt free, on the cheapest tariff and able to use her heating whenever she needs to without worrying about falling into debt again. Our energy adviser has also arranged to contact tenant to help apply for the Warm Home Discount when the applications open later in the year.