Partnership Working

Federation of local housing associations in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, FLAIR



FLAIR (the Federation of Local Associations in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire), is a partnership of local housing associations. FLAIR has been working together for many years and organisations participating are Barrhead HA, Bridgewater HA, Ferguslie Park HA, Linstone HA, Paisley HA and Williamsburgh HA. We have a formal constitution, although not a legal entity, which outlines how we will work together and how we will share the work – there is no one leader – our collaboration is based on trust, support, mutual co-operation, and a mutual aim to help and support our local communities. We hold an annual meeting in November and recently elected John Hamilton from Barrhead Housing Association as our FLAIR Spokesperson.

Presentation to SFHA finance conference November 2019 ‘cost benefits of collaborative working’ here.

Some of the partnership working undertaken includes:

Common Housing Allocation Policy

PHA has adopted The Renfrewshire Common Housing Allocation Policy which has been developed in partnership between Renfrewshire Council, Bridgewater Housing Association, Linstone Housing Association, Paisley Housing Association and Williamsburgh Housing Association. It sets out an agreed, common approach that partner landlords will use to allocate homes that become available for let. By allocating, we mean the process of selecting people from our housing list, offering them a house and, if they accept, signing a tenancy agreement with them. This policy is based on a group plus priority approach and has a clear focus on meeting housing need.

Policy Aims

We are committed to providing high quality, affordable housing that meets housing needs.

When allocating properties, we will aim to:

  • Make sure we offer people accommodation that meets their needs.
  • Maximise housing options.
  • Make best use of the properties that are available for let.
  • Help build sustainable communities by creating successful and sustainable tenancies.
  • Work to provide excellent customer services to those seeking housing in Renfrewshire.
  • Meet all our legal obligations and operate under the principles set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter (SHC).

FLAIR Academy

We now advertise for new Board members and provide 9 induction workshops jointly with our local housing association partners. Each participant completing the induction programme is allocated to one of the FLAIR housing associations. this has proved a very successful recruitment programme and interest should be noted by contacting Paisley Housing Association on 0141 889 7105.

FLAIR Annual conference – June each year

The conference is attended by staff and governing body members as well as Council representatives and representatives from tenant groups. We deliver local workshops and keep up to date with local and national issues.

FLAIR Training

Training for staff and governing Board members is arranged locally at a suitable local venue and set depending on our joint development needs.

FLAIR Share employment services

Where required for areas like development services, finance, services for sheltered housing and welfare rights services.

FLAIR community regeneration

As our Annual Reviews demonstrate, we have achieved much in collaboration for wider community regeneration over the years and have delivered a wide range of successful community-led projects.

FLAIR benchmarking

Working in collaboration, we produce an annual benchmarking report, identify areas of good practice and complete peer reviews to share our knowledge and expertise including external validation.

FLAIR Employment and training opportunities

We participate in a range of training opportunities including Community Jobs fund, modern housing apprenticeships and local graduate intern programmes.

For more information on FLAIR activities, have a look at our brochure.


This a partnership of 8 local housing associations delivering a joint programme of planned and cyclical maintenance. A framework agreement exists which allows us procure planned works. See the IFLAIR October 2019 newsletter here: IFLAIR NEWSLETTER October 19.