How We Let Our Properties

When we have properties become available for relet, we allocate them via several routes including:

Letting Group

Who is this for

*Transfer Applicants

Current tenants of Paisley HA who are looking to move to another property with us

*Direct Applicants

Applicants who have applied to join our housing list

*Referrals from Local Authority

Renfrewshire Council is our local authority

Applicants who are on Renfrewshire Council’s housing list may be nominated to us for housing

We also assist Renfrewshire Council with housing people who are homeless. 


As local authorities have responsibility for housing applicants who are homeless, Housing Associations such as Paisley HA have to make a percentage of their properties available to the Local Authority to assist homelessness. 

Referrals from other agencies

Our Board may on occasion agree to let a number of properties to applicants via other agencies e.g. Throughcare


We may lease properties to agencies such as Renfrewshire Council to use as emergency temporary accommodation

 *for each of these groups our Board will set targets annually for the percentage of lets that should be made to each group.

For Direct Applicants and Transfer Applicants we operate what is known as a group plus priority system.  When you apply to us for housing via one of these groups we assess your housing needs against our Allocations Policy. 

When a property becomes available for relet, we will look to allocate it to one of the groups abpve based on our targets for the year.

The applicant with the highest priority in that group would be offered the property first.

Having a high priority does not guarantee we will be able to house you.  The demand for properties is much higher than the number that become available for let.  For example, we have a lot of people applying for main door flats and houses but we don’t get a lot of turnover in these types of properties.  We are much more likely to have tenement flats become available for relet.