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There are no current consultations.

About Our Consultations

We want to get our tenants involved in our decision-making and find out more about what you want from us as your landlord.

We have been working on putting together a range of ways for our tenants to be involved that would suit their lifestyle and availability. 

Below is a range of options for you to consider. You would still have the opportunity to participate in regular consultations and surveys, like our rent consultation and tenant satisfaction survey outwith this.

If you would like to get involved please email or call us on 0141 889 7105.

Ways to get involved

What is involved

Detailed Online Surveys (Paper surveys will also be available where needed)




·    You will get asked detailed questions about your opinions on a particular topic, e.g. what you think about your local area and what could be better.

·     Your responses will be collated and included in any reports to our board.


We would not bombard you with surveys as we know this can be off putting, you may get a survey around once every 3 months.

“Your views” network















·    You will have an in depth conversation with a member of our staff around a particular topic, relevant to your home or community.

·    You will be able to give us details about your opinions on the topic and allow me to ask you questions about the reasons behind your opinions.

·     There will be no right or wrong answer, your details would remain confidential. It is just your opinions that we would need and these would be used to help make decisions about services.

·    Your interview could take place by phone, face to face or by a video call and we would be able to be flexible to your schedule, even offering later times on a Tuesday to accommodate you.

·    We would be able to provide interpreting services if required.


Usually no more frequently than once every 3 months and each conversation would last around 30 minutes.

Tenant Views Panel




·    You would meet with other tenants face to face (with the option of attending online too) to discuss a particular topic.

·    This would allow you to get to know other tenants in the community and hear their views too.

·    The meeting would be very informal, but would be chaired by a member of our staff.


As there would be other tenants coming, it would be less flexible in terms of timing. Meeting dates and times would be set at least 2 weeks in advance.

We envisage this taking place once every 3 months.

Our Board

·    If you want to get really involved in the running of the Association you would be interested in joining our Board.


Board meetings are held 8 times per year usually on the evening of the last Monday of the month (no meetings June, July, September & December and you would get training on how the board works.