Nationwide Broadband Providers Social Tariff Price Lists May 2024

This is a list of national social tariff broadband providers which cover the UK entirely and their associated  offerings. 

Note that this list is not exhaustive and only includes the largest UK providers for quick reference in supporting  queries for digital champions. Many other local providers offer broadband and may or may not have plans to introduce a social tariff. Always check directly with the provider. 

Information has been checked on the OFCOM website and on each providers page directly, where possible checking terms and conditions, however, please always refer to the providers page for current and accurate information. 

To see all current available UK social tariff broadbands on offer, check the OFCOM page here: Social tariffs: Cheaper broadband and phone packages – Ofcom

To see the Nationwide Providers Costs click here:  Nationwide Providers Costs List – May 2024