Broadband Social Tariffs – Save money on your Broadband!

If you are struggling with your bills, and are on certain benefits, you may be able to save ££ on your broadband.

Amidst the cost of living crisis, you might have noticed your Broadband prices go up in recent months.

Some providers have increased their prices by as much as 17%.

If you are on certain benefits, like Universal Credit or Pension Credit you might qualify for a social tariff from your broadband provider. These packages are sometimes called ‘basic’ or ‘essential’ packages and work just like normal broadband, only cheaper!

Here are some facts about ‘social’ broadband tariffs.

  • It's available to those on a variety of benefits. If you or someone in your household claims Universal Credit, you could switch to any of the tariffs available.
  • It's cheaper than a regular package. Current prices range from £10 to £20.
  • Fast, unlimited broadband. Most tariffs offer superfast broadband at speeds over 30 Mbit/s – fast enough for you to keep in touch with friends and family, stream HD films or shop online.
  • You'll pay next-to-nothing to get set up. If you do have to pay any setup costs, these should only be small. Your provider should tell you before you sign up.
  • It could cost nothing to switch. If your provider offers a social tariff, you can switch to it at any time, free of charge.
  • The price won't go up mid-contract. You won't pay any more than what you agree at the start of the contract.
  • It costs nothing to leave. You won't pay a fee to leave the tariff before the end of your contract.

The communications regulator OFCOM, keeps a list of providers offering a social tariff which can be viewed here. The link provides more information on who can apply, how to apply as well as the  list of  providers currently offering a social tariff.

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