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Special General Meeting (SGM) / Annual General Meeting (AGM)

10 members attended both events. 

Our chair welcomed everyone to the SGM and explained that we were having an SGM in order to vote on the adoption of the proposed new rules. The main change with the new rules allows us to meet virtually, along with some minor administrative changes. Our Chair, Ian Johnstone then asked all those present to vote and the members all voted to adopt the new rules.

Our 36th AGM (our 1st virtual one) followed on from the SGM.  Our Chair, Ian Johnstone thanked everyone for staying for the AGM. He then provided an update on what had been happening within the last year in Paisley HA. This has been such an extraordinary year with the coronavirus pandemic, our staff are all still working from home but have been ensuring that tenant safety was the highest priority. We are staring to resume our services – we have caught up with our repairs. We have also been able to assist some of our more vulnerable tenants with vouchers  e.g. for food, fuel and mobile phones. Pre the pandemic we also had our children’s Xmas party and the Panto for those who are kids at heart.

Representative from Alexander Sloan, our auditors confirmed that we had a clean audit and it was agreed to retain them for a further year.

We had 4 members automatically re-elected and 1 casual vacancy elected to our Board. We now have 12 members on our board, with 3 vacancies.

Anyone wanting more information on how to become a member, please contact

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