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Power Cut in Foxbar- important information for our tenants

SCOTTISH POWER says the power cut in the PA2 postcode area of Paisley, that affected properties in Montrose Road and surrounding streets was caused by damage by fire to Montrose Road sub station underground cables. 

 Engineers have confirmed power is back on but if you still have any problem with your power phone 105

Police are investigating the incident.

Repairs to the sub station will be required. Scottish Power will write to every one served by the sub station once they are ready to shut down power to do this work (likely to be in a couple of week’s time). 

The work may take a day. 

 Although we hope the planned repair shutdown will be resolved quickly, below is a list of power cut tips: 

Keep a torch handy 

Keep a blanket and some warm clothes handy 

Keep doors closed as this helps reduce heat loss

You may wish for the future to join the Priority Services Register which is a free and voluntary system that suppliers use to ensure the correct support is given to its most vulnerable customers. Please check with your supplier if they consider you to be vulnerable and see the additional support they can provide for you. 

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