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Benefit Changes announced to help with Coronavirus

The government has announced major changes to the way that Universal Credit will work for the next year in order to assist claimants throughout the Coronavirus Epedemic.

In short these changes are:

Universal Credit payments will be increased by approximately £20 per week for all claimants for the next year.

The minimum income floor will be suspended for self employed claimants, this is really important as it means DWP cannot assume that you have a higher level of income than you actually have.

Statutory Sick Pay will be paid from the first day of sickness, rather than the 4th.

All Jobcentre appointments have been suspended for the next 3 months

All face to face medical assessments have been suspended for 3 months

Full details can be found here

If your income has reduced due to the Coronavirus, you can get advice by calling our Welfare Benefits Officer on 0141 583 4123.

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